Zirconia Dental Implants

If you suffer from missing, damaged, or decayed teeth and have difficulty speaking, eating, or smiling with confidence then dental implants might be a great solution for you. Dental implants restore the appearance and function of your missing or damaged teeth. Traditional metal implants restore function and utility and may help to better oral health, but aesthetically they are highly noticeable, prompting patients to seek more natural-looking options. Full zirconia implants provide that alternative.

What are full zirconia implants?

Full zirconia dental implants differ from traditional in many ways. They are made from zirconia oxide, a largely metal-free material with similar properties as ceramic. Zirconia offers greater transparency than metal implants. Zirconia implants can be made to closely resemble natural teeth in color, creating a more natural-looking smile.

Other advantages of full zirconia implants include:

Biocompatibility: Zirconia oxide serves as a great alternative for patients with metal allergies. Zirconia oxide is biocompatible meaning it does not cause an allergic reaction. The zirconia implant is instead treated by the body as a natural fixture.

Durability: Zirconia implants do not corrode in the mouth the way titanium may, not even when exposed to strong acids. Zirconia implant’s natural flexural tendencies make them nearly three times more durable than traditional metal implants.

Better health: Zirconia implants are often placed using the same method as traditional, but the use of zirconia spares more of the gum wall lining. Implants allow you to chew, speak, and smile with new confidence. Zirconia has been used as a material for dental implants for more than 10 years with much research to back its safety and success.

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