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What is periodontal (gum) disease?

Periodontal disease (better known as gum disease) is a common condition causing inflammation around the teeth. Periodontal disease may weaken the soft tissue and bone around a tooth, both of which are needed to maintain good support and oral health. If left untreated, the disease can also cause severe damage to the jawbone.

Dr. Akef’s Credentials

Periodontics specifically deals with any of the techniques that save and expand the life expectancy of your teeth. Many of these periodontal procedures have been developed throughout the years and have proven to be very effective. Techniques in bone grafting, tissue grafting including gum surgeries that reduce pocket depth around the teeth, eliminating bacteria that resides in the pockets destroying tissue and bone surrounding the teeth.

Dr. Jay Akef has more than 27 years of dental experience and has performed over 23,000 surgical cases of gum treatment, dental implants and periodontal plastic surgery, helping patients transform their smiles and gain better oral health. Dental implants are among Dr. Akef’s specialties. He continues to build on his many years of knowledge and success by staying informed of the latest techniques and technologies. All of this ensures his patients receive only the highest quality dental implant treatments.

  • Graduated in 1989 from Loyola University of Chicago’s School of Dentistry with honors before continuing his education

  • Many years of practicing dentistry in Los Angeles and acting as a teacher at both USC and UCLA

  • After working in L.A., Dr. Akef moved to the San Diego region where he has practiced since 1994. Through his years of successful practice, Dr. Akef developed a reputation as one of Southern California’s top surgical gum treatment and dental implant specialists.

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  • Morteza Rezvani

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    My wife and I had been going to a general dentist for many years. After having repeated problems with sensitive teeth we were referred to Dr. Akef, who diagnosed extensive bone loss around one of my teeth, something that should have been done earlier before it became so extensive. To remedy my bone loss Dr. Akef did bone graft, which make it possible to do dental implant. We are totally satisfied with all procedures performed. Thank you Dr. Akef.

  • Michael Fassihi

    star star star star star

    I am a retired medical doctor and have been a patient of doctor Akef for over 15 years. he has done a total of 6 implants for me on 3 different times over the years. Although I have been living in Los Angeles area for the past 9 years, I will drive to San Diego to see him for all of my dental problems and implant follow ups. I do the 5-6 hours round trip drives because I have a firm belief in his knowledge, expertise, and care. His office staff are wonderful. - Michael Fassihi, M.D.

  • Dana A

    star star star star star

    Dr. Akef promises and delivers. I had a missing back tooth for many years and did not even bother to try getting dental implants because I was told that there was not enough bone and that bone grafting was not an option for me. However, after receiving a Sinus Lift Surgery 6 months later an implant was placed successfully.

  • Brian Ken

    star star star star star

    Could not be happier. I am a whimp and cannot stand pain. Dr. Akef reassured me that the dental implant process would be not be very painful. Since I did not need any bone the process was completed in one day. I am very pleased and have recommended Dr. Akef to family members

Types of Periodontal Disease:

  • Gingivitis- Gingivitis is often the first stage of periodontal disease. Gingivitis is a bacterial infection in the gums caused by plaque which releases toxins into the gums. These toxins cause irritation and inflammation in the gum tissues. Once the infection progresses into the gum pockets and between teeth, it becomes harder to remove and eliminate. As the condition progresses, the supporting tissue and jawbone deteriorate which can lead to teeth shifting or falling out.

  • Chronic periodontitis- Chronic periodontitis is the most common form of periodontal disease. The inflammation caused by chronic periodontitis causes gum recession, loss of tissue attachment, and deep pockets between teeth.

  • Aggressive periodontitis- Aggressive periodontitis can occur in otherwise healthy individuals. This form of periodontal disease earned its name due to the rapidness with which it acts causing gum detachment, familial aggregation, and chronic bone destruction.

  • Necrotizing periodontitis- Most often necrotizing periodontitis is found in individuals with systemic conditions such as HIV, malnutrition, and immunosuppression. It earns its name from the “necrosis” affect of the condition. “Necrosis” means “tissue death” which occurs in the periodontal ligament, gum tissue, and alveolar bone.

  • Periodontitis caused by systemic disease- This form of periodontal disease most often begins at a young age and is often linked to conditions such as respiratory disease, heart disease, and diabetes.


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Periodontal Disease Treatment Options:

There are a range of treatment options available both surgical and nonsurgical. A periodontist has the knowledge and experience needed to properly diagnose periodontal disease and prescribe the best treatment option based on the progression of the condition and your unique health needs.

    Scaling and root planing:

  • This safe, long-practiced treatment removes bacteria and tartar at the source of the infection in order to preserve the health of the gum tissue. The dentist will deeply clean the gum pockets using antibiotics to eliminate infection. In order to further combat infection, a daily mouthwash may be prescribed to eliminate any lingering bacteria and prevent future infection.

  • Tissue regeneration:

  • This treatment involves planting a barrier membrane into the infected areas to aid in tissue regeneration. The grafting procedure assists in the regrowth of bone and gum tissue destroyed or damaged due to periodontal disease.

  • Pocket elimination surgery:

  • Pocket elimination surgery (also known as “flap surgery”) surgically reduces deep pockets formed as a result of infection. These pockets, found between the teeth and gums, are carefully removed by your dentist. Jawbone surgery may also be used to treat indentations in the bone where bacteria may colonize, making treatment more difficult.

  • Dental implants:

  • If you experience tooth loss as a result of periodontal disease, dental implants may be used to restore the function and appearance of your smile. Implants look and function like natural teeth, providing you with better health and a complete smile that lasts for several years.

To learn more about periodontal disease and the treatment options available for you, please give us a call. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you taking the next step toward restoring your missing teeth.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

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