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Periodontal Plastic Surgery to Correct Gummy Smiles

Excessive gingival display—commonly called a gummy smile—refers to a dental condition in which a patient’s smile reveals an abnormal or disproportionate ratio of gums to teeth. While gummy smiles pose little risk to oral health, many choose to correct this for esthetic purposes.

What causes gummy smiles?

Periodontal cosmetic surgery is used to correct the appearance of excess gum tissue above the upper teeth. This typically occurs as a result abnormal eruption, causing teeth to look smaller than their true length. Inflammation in the upper lip may also result in the upper lip rising higher than normal, exaggerating the appearance of the gums.

What is involved in periodontal cosmetic surgery?

Correcting gummy smiles is as simple as choosing from one of three safe, proven, and effective methods long practiced as part of our dental services. San Marcos Dental Implant Center offers crown lengthening, gum grafting, and gingivoplasty to help patients regain confidence in their smiles. We work with each patient to determine the best treatment option for your needs and goals.

Dr. Akef’s Credentials

There are many dentists nowadays that perform surgical procedures, however, in order to perfect the art of periodontal cosmetic surgery, dentists must receive many years of additional training to become truly proficient and become a periodontal cosmetic surgeon.

Experience counts, Dr. Jay Akef has more than 27 years of professional experience in periodontics dealing with some of the most difficult cases to correct gummy smiles. He has performed over 23,000 cases of gum treatment, dental implants including periodontal plastic surgery, helping patients achieve perfect smiles.

  • Graduated in 1989 from Loyola University of Chicago’s School of Dentistry with honors before continuing his education to become a periodontist

  • Many years practicing dentistry in Los Angeles including teaching at both USC and UCLA

  • Dr. Akef moved to San Diego where he has practiced since 1994 developing a reputation as one of San Diego’s top surgical gum treatment and implant dentist specialist.

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  • Morteza Rezvani

    star star star star star

    My wife and I had been going to a general dentist for many years. After having repeated problems with sensitive teeth we were referred to Dr. Akef, who diagnosed extensive bone loss around one of my teeth, something that should have been done earlier before it became so extensive. To remedy my bone loss Dr. Akef did bone graft, which make it possible to do dental implant. We are totally satisfied with all procedures performed. Thank you Dr. Akef.

  • Michael Fassihi

    star star star star star

    I am a retired medical doctor and have been a patient of doctor Akef for over 15 years. he has done a total of 6 implants for me on 3 different times over the years. Although I have been living in Los Angeles area for the past 9 years, I will drive to San Diego to see him for all of my dental problems and implant follow ups. I do the 5-6 hours round trip drives because I have a firm belief in his knowledge, expertise, and care. His office staff are wonderful. - Michael Fassihi, M.D.

  • Dana A

    star star star star star

    Dr. Akef promises and delivers. I had a missing back tooth for many years and did not even bother to try getting dental implants because I was told that there was not enough bone and that bone grafting was not an option for me. However, after receiving a Sinus Lift Surgery 6 months later an implant was placed successfully.

  • Brian Ken

    star star star star star

    Could not be happier. I am a whimp and cannot stand pain. Dr. Akef reassured me that the dental implant process would be not be very painful. Since I did not need any bone the process was completed in one day. I am very pleased and have recommended Dr. Akef to family members

Periodontal Plastic Surgery Procedures

Crown Lengthening:

Crown lengthening refers to methods which remove and reshape the gums to expose more of the natural tooth. This corrects the shortened appearance of teeth and modifies the excess gum tissue for a more proportional-looking smile.

    Gum Grafting:

  • Unlike crown lengthening, which elongates the appearance of teeth, gum grafting is often used to shorten the appearance of teeth. Gum grafting may be used to recover an exposed tooth root in order to alter the look of your smile and offer greater protection to the root. The grafts may be taken from the surrounding gum tissue or the connective tissues at the roof of your mouth. The graft is then stitched into place over the exposed tooth root and given time to heal.

  • Gingivoplasty and Gingivectomy:

  • Gingivoplasty reshapes overgrown gum tissue while gingivectomy treatments surgically remove excess tissue. Both treatments transform the appearance of your smile in very little time.


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Periodontal Plastic Surgery Procedures Contd.

    Dental Bone Grafting

  • Bone grafting is a surgical dental procedure that regenerates bone tissue by placing natural or synthetic material that aids in the regrowth of one’s missing bone. New bone growth is stimulated and, over time, replaces much of the grafted material. Over a span of several months, the bone becomes fortified, creating a stronger, more stable foundation for one’s dental implant or bridge placement. Sinus Grafting in San Diego

  • Sinus Grafting

  • When a tooth is missing from the back portion of the upper jaw, the floor of the maxillary sinus – the cavity housed behind one’s cheeks – drops down into the void where the tooth root used to be.

  • Dental Bone Grafting

  • In the past, there were few tooth replacement options for patients with damaged or missing teeth on the upper posterior of the mouth other than to wear loose-fitting dentures. Now, thanks to a revolutionary new procedure known as the sinus floor elevation, your dental surgeon is able to graft the area between the upper jaw bone and the sinus cavity floor to fortify the foundation for the upper posterior teeth prior to dental implants. Once the sinus floor is surgically pushed back up to its original position, a bone substitute is placed in order to hold the sinus floor in place. Over time, the bone graft fortifies and creates a stable foundation on which your dental implants can be placed.

  • Recession Coverage

  • Gum recession can not only give someone the appearance of elongated teeth, but it can also cause patients extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures due to greater exposure of the tooth root. Exposed roots are also more in danger of decay and should be corrected as soon as possible. In order to repair gum recession or prevent further recession, your dentist will regenerate soft tissue through a grafting procedure. The procedure involves taking gum tissue from your palate or outside donor to cover the roots where excessive gum recession is present. Not only will this procedure even out your gum line, but it will also reduce sensitivity levels, restoring your natural, healthy smile back to normal.

If you lack confidence due to a gummy smile, we can help! Dr. Akef and his team are skilled in many advanced cosmetic and surgical oral procedures, offering patients the highest standard of quality and care. Get started transforming your smile by contacting our office to schedule your initial consultation.

Periodontal Cosmetic Surgery

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