Lanap Laser Gum Treatment

Alternative Gum Disease Treatment (LANAP)

For those who fear the discomfort and pain associated with traditional gum disease treatment, there is good news! LANAP offers a safe, more comfortable way to treat gum disease. LANAP, which stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, uses an FDA-approved laser for minimal invasion, faster healing, and less pain than traditional methods.

Gum disease is a common, but serious condition which can impact anyone of any age. Left untreated, gum disease leads to tooth loss, bleeding, pain, deterioration of gum tissue, and bone loss in the jaw. LANAP removes infected tissue to prevent the spread of the infection to healthy parts of the mouth. It also kills bacteria and seals out contaminants to prevent gum disease from returning.

LANAP’s unique features allow the laser to target only harmful bacteria and damaged tissue, eliminating the disease without impacting healthy areas. With more healthy tissue left unharmed, you enjoy faster recovery, less pain, and better aesthetic results.

Why should I choose LANAP over traditional gum therapy?

Laser gum therapy offers many advantages over traditional methods. Traditional surgery requires the use of a scalpel. LANAP uses a special laser to carefully target only that damaged gum tissue. It also kills bacteria, offering an extra measure of protection against the spread of gum disease. Because the laser is so precise, minimal tissue is removed. This is done by targeting only dark pigmented objects when exposed to a certain wavelength. In this way, no healthy tissue is removed by accident. The more healthy gum tissue that remains in tact, the faster your recovery. Patients typically return to normal activities in just hours after treatment.

LANAP may also require little or no sedation depending on your preference.

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