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Gum Grafting

When gum tissue is damaged by periodontal disease, the tissue may be removed to eliminate infection or as part of a gum disease treatment procedure. Gum grafting introduces new, healthy gum tissue to the region to stimulate regeneration of healthy tissue for better comfort, foundation for teeth, and overall oral health. Gum grafting is also used to treat gum recession (often a result of periodontal disease) or to improve the appearance of your smile.

Why Gum Grafting Matters

When gums recede, they expose more of the tooth root which can cause pain, damage, and discomfort. Increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods or drinks is often a result of gum recession and increased tooth root exposure. The appearance of gum recession may also cause you to hide your smile due to noticeable appearance. Left untreated, gum recession may lead to tooth loss. A gum tissue graft restores the look and health of your gums for a confident, healthy smile.

Types of Gum Grafting

Depending on your needs, one of three common gum tissue graft procedures may be used to encourage regeneration of healthy gum tissue. These gum grafting treatments include:

  • Connective-tissue grafts: This is the most common form of gum grafting. During connective-tissue grafts, a flap of skin is cut at the roof of the mouth. Tissue from under this flap is removed and grafted to gum tissue in the region of the exposed tooth root. The connective tissue encourages regeneration in the region. At the end of the procedure, the flap at the roof of the mouth is stitched and left to heal.
  • Pedicle grafts: Pedicle grafts remove healthy gum tissue near the exposed tooth root as opposed to from the roof of the mouth. Only part of the flap (pedicle) is cut, leaving one edge attached. The gum is then pulled down to cover the tooth root. The gum is sewn to keep it in place, then left to heal. Only patients with enough healthy gum tissue near the exposed tooth root are eligible for pedicle grafting.
  • Free gingival grafts: Like connective-tissue grafts, free gingival grafts remove tissue from the palate (roof of the mouth). Free gingival grafts differ from connective-tissue grafts by grafting small amounts of tissue directly from the roof of the mouth. The tissue is attached to the gum area near the exposed tooth root. This form of gum grafting is often used on patients who have thin gums or who may need additional tissue to enlarge the gums.

Gum grafting tissue may also be used from a tissue bank or tissue-stimulated proteins may be used to encourage natural regeneration of your healthy gum tissue.

If you suffer from gum recession, give us a call. We will assist you in determining the best treatment option for your unique needs.


Gum Grafting

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