Dental Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a long-lasting solution used to restore your smile and help with problems affecting comfort, speaking, eating, and more.

What is dental crown lengthening for?

Crowns rely on a healthy tooth structure for proper fit and function. When this structure is compromised, the crown may cause gums to become irritated or inflamed. Broken, chipped, decayed, or otherwise damaged teeth cannot properly support crowns. Crown lengthening exposes some of the tooth’s structure so that the crown can be securely attached for lasting comfort and health.

Crown lengthening may also be used to achieve aesthetic alterations. Cosmetic reasons for choosing to lengthen a crown often involve the sense that one has a “gummy” smile or one that can benefit from a “longer” looking tooth.

Who performs a dental crown lengthening procedure and how?

Dental crown lengthening is performed by a board-certified periodontist with extensive knowledge and specialization in performing restorative dental procedures.

Crown lengthening has, through many years of successful use, proven to be a safe, effective procedure. Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure which may be used on one tooth or many. It may also be used across the entire length of the gum line. This routine procedure often requires nothing more than a local anesthetic, however heavier sedation options are available for those who prefer.

Once you are made comfortable, any temporary crowns will be removed and incisions made around the surrounding gum tissue. Then, the gum will be pulled away from the tooth to expose more of the tooth structure. Following the removal of the tissue, the area is carefully washed with saline water to remove any contaminants. The area is then stitched or covered to keep the gum tissue in place during the healing process.

Recovery time following a crown lengthening procedure is typically minimal. Most patents return to their normal activities just one day after surgery.

If you have questions about dental crown lengthening, give us a call. We will be happy to help you in taking the next step to gaining a healthier, lasting smile.